For Designers
We built design packs with designers in mind. Design packs are flexible enough to fit into any design seamlessly.
Good to know: We've designed our packs to be the perfect no-code solution to augmenting existing Shopify themes. Just the right options to perfectly fit into existing design and branding!
Our goal is to make the perfect design tool to create the ideal user experience for an online store. Start with an existing Shopify theme. Add Design Packs to make it unique, bring out the personality of the brand and add functionality you may be missing.


Make each store you design unique with design flourishes. These flourishes create brand trust by giving each store that "premium" feel of a custom theme without the cost and time of custom development. Check out some of our flourish options:

Story Telling

Providing context, data, and extra information are becoming integral parts of the online shopping experience so that customers can understand the journey of the merchant. People want to be more connected to the people they're choosing to buy from. Do it with style with these helpful options:


Obviously, selling product is the end goal of any online store. Use Design Packs to highlight products in their natural environment with lifestyle images. Add hotspots to the lifestyle images or integrate the lifestyle images right in with products on a collection page. Or feature products within each blog article. Allow customers to bundle variants on the product page.
  • Shop the collection
  • Shop the look
  • Lifestyle collection
  • Product variant bundle
  • Article product highlights


Some things you just need on a store, but there's no reason they can't also be stylish too!
  • HTML embed widget
  • Address - map
  • Countdown - simple, countdown - parallax
  • Contact form - text

Custom Fonts

We've added the ability to add any custom font to your theme. These fonts can be applied all Design Packs or the entire theme.

Tool Highlights

  • Flexible sections easily customized with no coding needed
  • Add custom fonts to all design packs
  • Add custom fonts to entire theme
  • Know a little CSS? Tweak per pack in customizer or in app to apply globally
  • Gradients for backgrounds & overlays on most sections
  • Use different images for Desktop & Mobile
  • Mix & match existing theme sections with Design Pack sections throughout the whole theme