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Adding your first section

The basics

Design Packs has many single sections that can be added and integrated right into your existing theme. The sections work with both legacy Shopify themes and Online store 2.0 themes. They can be mixed and match with existing sections in your theme to make engaging pages in your theme.

Adding a global section

Once you've chosen a section you'd like to add to your theme, select the theme you would like to add it to. You can either add it to the published theme or any of your unpublished themes.
Unfortunately you won't be able to add any sections to trial themes until you have paid for the theme.
Now you'll be able to add the Design Pack section to your theme in the customize area. It will show up exactly like all the other sections in your theme. You can add the section on any page if you have an Online store 2.0 theme. If you have an older theme you'll be able to add it to the homepage.
Each section has a lot of options for customizations and they work exactly like the existing sections in your themes.
Most of the Design Pack sections come with a standard set of customizations, including image sizing, mobile image options, font selections, section width options and flexible content blocks so that they can be design to fit in perfectly with the existing theme and branding.
Checkout out our general settings to get an overview of what is available in Design Packs.