Good to know: Our online store 2.0 templates will add 2.0 functionality to an existing legacy 1.0 theme.
Design Pack templates are pre-designed pages that can be added directly to your theme. You can simply just add your images and copy, you can update it to reflect your branding identity with colors and icons, or you can just use it as a jumping off start to create the exact page you need.
At their core, our templates are just a selection of sections and you have full control to do with them as you like.

Legacy themes

Design Packs is the fastest way you can start taking advantage of Online store 2.0 features today. Even with a legacy theme, all you need to do is add one of our templates. Not only will you be able to drag & drop the sections in that template, you'll be able to add in your themes existing sections to mix & match the templates.
You'll be able to add up to 1000 new page templates with Design Packs and use the Shopify customization editor as a full drag & drop page builder.
Online store 2.0 allows you to create pages with the flexibility that you have on the homepage now and use dynamic data via metafields to customize each section even further.

Online store 2.0 themes

If you're already using an Online store 2.0 theme, Design Pack templates integrate seamlessly into your theme. Once a template is added you'll be able to edit it just like the rest of your theme and add sections from your existing theme.
You won't be able to add a page template to a page that is not in the published theme. Add it to both the published theme and the theme you'd like to use it on. Also, it is recommended make a new page not live in your site to configure the page.
Last modified 1mo ago