Adding your first template
Good to know: Design Pack templates can be used a jumping off point, once added to your theme they're fully drag and droppable and you can add/remove any section from your theme

The Basics

Design packs offers page templates that can be added to your theme. These templates are a collection of sections pre-styled into a page. Once the page is added you'll want to add your own images and content. You'll also be able to re-order or remove sections, as well as add other sections from your theme to the page.
Each template is built as an Online store 2.0 json template. If you're still using a legacy theme, these templates can still be added to your theme and you will be able to take advantage of the 2.0 features for these pages
You won't be able to add a page template to a page that is not in the published theme. Add it to both the published theme and the theme you'd like to use it on. Also, it is recommended make a new page not live in your site to configure the page.
Choose the page template you'd like to add and then pick the theme you'd like to add it to.
Once it's added, go to the customize area. You'll see all the sections that comprise the page on the sidebar.
Now you'll be able to customize each section as well as re-order theme and add other sections from either Design Packs or the theme you're using.
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The Basics