With Online store 2.0, Shopify has provided a new way to use metafields. These new metafields have been made specifically for certain objects in your store.
Metafields can now be added to the following objects:
  • Product
  • Variant
  • Collection
  • Customer
  • Order
Once set up and populated these metafields can be connected to your theme through the customization editor. When adding an image or title to a section, you'll now see a data icon that when hovered will say "connect dynamic source"
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Note: The dynamic source option will only show up on pages where metafield objects are available (ie product page).
When you connect to the dynamic source, the value of that field will now be pulled from the metafield.
This means that the content for each section can be unique to each product. For example, if you wanted to highlight unique features for your products, you could use the value icons to illustrate each feature even if the features are different by product
When you try to connect to a dynamic data source and you haven't previously set up any metafields, you'll be prompted to create a new metafield.
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You can choose from a list of different data types:
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  • Color, Data and Time, File, JSON, Measurement, Number, Rating, Reference, Text, True or False, and URL.
    • Note that images fall into the File type
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